Although Gazit Horizons is a relatively new company, our experienced management team and strong balance sheet have been around for decades. Led by Chairman Chaim Katzman, the founder and CEO of Gazit Globe, and CEO Jeff Mooallem, a long-time retail real estate investor and operator in urban markets throughout the country, Gazit Horizons’ executives have over 70 years of collective experience and relationships in acquiring and managing operating assets and personnel in our target markets. To date, we have acquired over $400,000,000 of properties in three cities, with a goal of investing between $1 Billion and $3 Billion in the next several years.


Our approach to building a successful business is simple. We are a well capitalized long term holder of assets in irreplaceable locations, which allows us to patiently seek out the highest and best use for all of our properties without having to chase a short term “flip” profit. We are an experienced and global investor, which allows us to use lessons learned in cities all over the world to develop and adhere to our investment thesis. And we are a small and decisive management team, which allows us to act quickly and nimbly on the opportunities that best reflect that investment thesis. Those three principles taken together – strength, experience and efficiency – form the basis of what differentiates us and allows us to best serve our investors, our tenants and our customers.


Chaim Katzman
Chaim Katzman

Chaim Katzman is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer & controlling shareholder of Gazit Globe Ltd., and Chairman of Gazit Horizons. As CEO of Gazit Globe, Mr. Katzman leads the global operations and manages affiliate and subsidiary activities for approximately $11 billion of real estate assets (excluding Gazit’s non-consolidated investments in NYSE: REG and TSX: FCR) in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel & Brazil.

Jeff Mooallem
Jeff Mooallem
Chief Executive Officer

A two-decade veteran of the retail industry, Jeff Mooallem has acquired, developed and operated properties in New York, Miami, Washington, DC, Boston, and California. Prior to establishing Gazit Horizons, he held executive positions at retail REIT's Equity One, Inc. (now part of NYSE: REG) and Federal Realty (NYSE: FRT). Jeff is a member of the Urban Land Institute and the International Council of Shopping Centers, and is a frequent speaker on issues and trends impacting urban retail real estate.

Alison Lies
Alison Lies
Chief Investment Officer

Alison Lies has been involved in over $3 billion USD in transaction and financing activity in her career and is a 17-year veteran of the commercial real estate industry. She was formerly Vice President of Acquisitions for Equity One as well as for a high net worth family office.

GauRav Khanna
GauRav Khanna
Senior Vice President

GauRav brings more than 18 years of diversified experience in acquisitions, development and leasing across the U.S as well as international markets. He was formerly Senior Vice President of Acquisitions at Vornado Realty Trust and prior to that Director of Real Estate and Development at Le Pain Quotidien.

Lisa Freifeld
Lisa Freifeld
Director of Operations & Senior Legal Counsel

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, providing Gazit Horizons with legal counsel and oversight on matters relating to acquisitions, leasing, finance, property operations, human resources and corporate governance. Prior to joining Gazit, Lisa served as Senior Legal Counsel at RD Management LLC and was an associate in the Real Estate Group of Willkie Farr & Gallagher. Lisa graduated from the State University of New York at Albany and earned her Juris Doctor degree from New York University School of Law. She is a member of the New York State Bar Association and International Council of Shopping Centers

gazit globe

Gazit-Globe is an owner, developer, and operator of supermarket-anchored shopping centers and retail-based, mixed-use properties located in urban growth markets in North America, Brazil, Israel, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

The Group continues to look for opportunities within its core business, in geographies in which it already operates as well as other regions.

Gazit Group Investor Relations

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